how long would you survive in a scary movie?

you wanna know how long you would survive in a scary movie well take this quiz to see but im not sure im right

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biggest fear

dangerous animal

do you sleep with teddy bears or something like that


how often do you have nightmares

10 outa 10
not so much

ok here comes the movie but first fav color sorry

purple pink
dark red or black or shadow
or any other dark color
blue or green or yellow

you are in your house home alone and the lights turn on all of them so you go turn them on like wuuuut then you hear some creepy music coming from the basement you

go check it out
go to your room all scared
or normaly

before you do anything you hear some one calling your name from the door so you think sis or mom are there you go to the door then you see a shadow running around you then it disappears you


then your boyfriend comes before you move a step so he goes whats wrong you

ugh tell him
tell him someone broke in
and left

he said he heard music playing and heard someone saying ''help help they are here'' you

told him
told him to leave

you are being pulled into the basement he is l sleeping then you stop being pulled you blood all over the floor a knife look behind you a shadow is standing there with a knife you try to scream then your boyfriend wakes up runs to you and you are nowhere to be seen he starts to call you you say help help then all the lights turn of music plays then you come out full of cuts he asked what happened are you ok who was there you

cry dont talk and keep
crying and say lets leave
leave the house
tell him

you left the house then your moms car was there and she got there with your sis you heard huge screams and crying never to be heard of them again you

cry and cry and cry
scream and never go back

you made it but will anyone know,end of story.

wow i have no idea what to
ok cant wait for results
how you come up with that
[me,my house is haunted
and i watch jessi vee and
scary movies]ok then