Are u like Maria? (1)

Are u like Maria? (1)

me: just act like maria! this is one of my adventures to make shadow happy. shadow: and my little girl sacrificed herself. me: shadow, don't spoil it!

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you: "sayonora, shadow the hedgehog." me: "maria!" (gunshot) *falls to ground*

you: "sayonora, shadow the hedgehog." me: "maria!" (gunshot) *falls to ground*
huh? who is this?

me: "maria! get down they'll shoot u!" *pulls u down*

let me go u freak!
but i need to save shadow!

me: "he'll be safe..." *closes eyes*

huh? wake up!
the freak is wrong with u?! wake up!

machine gun shots and red blood arrows kill GUN army. you: *keep head down* past shadow: *kicks escape pod glass* future shadow: "umber!" *runs to you and umber with machine gun* shade: "oh no!" *puts away bow and arrow*

the freak! shadow?!
shadow? but...

future shadow: "shade, u remember where her invisible watch is?" shade: "i think it's her right wrist." future shadow: *touches umber's right wrist* green screen comes up and future shadow taps a glove that's called 'jack's healing glove'. future shadow puts on the glove. shade rips umber's shirt off to reveal a bloody hole. future shadow presses his hand with the glove on the hole.

what's wrong with these people?!
what's going on?

future shadow: "heal, heal, heal..." me: "daddy?" future shadow: "umber!" *hugs umber tightly* "i thought i was gonna lose u like maria..." *tears streak down from his eyes* shade: "baby, don't ever run off like that ever again! u had us worried to death!"

shadow is a daddy?
shadow... a dad?!

past shadow broke glass. you ran to past shadow. past shadow: "who are you!?!" future shadow: "i'm you from the future. now if u'll excuse me, we'll go back to our time."

shadow kill them!
shadow from the future...

shadow and shade take out a chaos emerald and make a portal. future shadow carries umber and jumps inside the portal. shade takes out a red chaos emerald and gives it to you and past shadow. shade: "use this to escape from bad guys faster. just picture where u want to go and say: 'chaos control'. bye!" shade jumps inside the portal.

*u look at chaos emerald* it's pretty
u didn't kill them?! i hate u shadow.

and that's the end of the adventure!

AWWWW! too short!

me: "sorry it was kind of short. i'll try to make another adventure but a lot longer." shadow: "unless u don't fall asleep on ur computer, umber." me & shadow: "sayonora!"

sayonora, shadow and umber!
the freak is sayonora?! (me & shadow: another word for good-bye) oh...