what should you be when you grow up

find out what you should be before you grow up cause i might can help you figure out what to be so please take this fun quiz

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ok im done now answer this dancer artist singer teacher or writer

ummmm dancer
idk artist
i like teaching and kids so um teacher
um idk writer wat is dis even 4
i luv singing but i dont know wat dis 4

do you ever write stories

yea y not
of course
no dats boring..y am i taking dis test
no mug

what do you like to do

nun of yo business
ummm idk
hang with friends
duh movies
play school
i write stories but...
duh sing ma songs
leave me alone im just a kid

have you ever made a dance before or praise danced

me dance ..have u seen me dance
i praised danced
dancing is ma thing
i hate church y would i praise dance
what is dancing
no neither is me

do you like playing school and do you always be the teacher

no.... i dont even like school
yea sometimes
um...i play school but dont be the teacher
i luv being the teacher
man shut up i hate school

do you play a sport

nawwww....i catch butterflies
yeah i play basketball but....
no i broke my leg
sports?? i hate sports im more the dancing type
wat does this have to do with anything
nope not at all
i use to but not anymore

do you no how to draw mickey mouse

umm i never tried
y....y are u asking me dis
yep sure do
no not at all im terrible at drawing
i want to be a teacher i dont need u
[yawn] im falling asleep here
i luv mickey mouse of course
whos mickey mouse