Would you make a good girlfriend for me?

Lets see if this work, between us. Would you make a good match for me?

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What type of music do you listen to?

Pop, mainstream stuff, dubstep, hip hop, other
Alt rock, pop punk, alt metal, indie rock, Or any other kind of modern rock.

What is your view on religion?

Not religious, Atheist, agnostic, spiritual but not religious, other.
Kinda religious, Dose classify as following a religion.
religious, but dosent matter if we don't follow the same religion. You can accept that we have different beliefs, and you wont try to
convert me to your religion.
Very religious, I would expect for us to follow the same religion.

Are you chill and laid back?

No I am crazy.

Can I depend on you when I need you for support?

Yes of course.
I dont know, or kinda sometimes.
No not most of the time.

Could I fell safe telling you my secrets? and know that you wouldn't tell any one?

Yes of course.
Maybe depends on what it is.
No probably not.

Will you help me when I am felling up set?

Yes of course.
Maybe but I dont want to deal with all your problems all the time.
No, deal with the on your own.

What do you think of video games and or technology?

Eh no, or don't know.

Are you good at art or paying a instrument?

I dont play a instrument.
I suck at it.

do you think you are smart?

Kinda or average.
No I am not smart at all.

How good do you look? Tell the truth.

I am cute.
I am below average.
I am sexy.

What is your hair color?

Brown, red/ginger.
Other or died a unnatural color.

How strong are you? (physically)

I am strong.
I am normal.
I am below normal.

OK last question. Can we work out are differences?

Maybe depends on what they are.
I dont think so.