What princess are you? (2)

What princess are you? (2)

this is just for fun, if you answer the questions honestly you will see what made up princess you are

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What best describes you?

Sweet, kind, cheerful
pretty, spoiled
Lonely, vengeful
brave, determined

What dress would you prefer?

A dark, evil like dress
something that makes me look like i'm in charge
something colorful and pretty
something cold

What weather do you like best?

What ever I feel like, when I feel like it
Hot and sunny
dark winters nights
a beautiful sunset

where would you prefer to live out of these?

An icy castle
a summer time garden full of flowers
somewhere I can be better then everyone around me
somewhere dark and peaceful so I can plot

If someone insults you what do you do?

say something really cold
ignore them and walk away
Punch them

What pet would you rather have to help you?

a horse

Which side would you rather be on and why?

Evil so I can have my own way
Evil so i can have revenge
Good so I win the battle
Good so i'm helpful

If you could have a power, what would it be?

Ice or Darkness
Mind controlling
Be really pretty and warm all of the time

What age would you want to be crowned as


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