Which music artist are you most like?

Find out who you are most like by taking this simple quiz. Might not be 100% accurate but oh well .

published on June 19, 201610 responses 1
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What is your favourite colour?

Cool colours, of course.
Dark or earthy colours.
Bright colours like blue, red or pink!
Pastel or muted colours.

What would you most like to wear?

Blue jeans with red top and black heels
Something dark and sexy
Something pastel and vintage... or really different but adorable!!
Something elegant but simple.

What is your favourite song?

22, Everything has changed, Never getting back together.
Confident, cool for the summer, let it go.
Hands to myself, Same old love, Come and get it.
Soap, pity party, crybaby

What animal would you rather have?

Dog for suree
aw a puppy
a bunny or puppy

Finally, what is your most prized possesion?

My cool vintage stuff- or my toys
My cat- or my guitar
My looks- and my songs
My ability to change very quickly - eg persona, looks, style, songs