Spirit Animal Au

Take this quiz to find out the spirit animal for the AU. Your character or your own personality will determine what spirit animal your character has and where they stand on the power pyrimid

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You have two kids. One boy, one girl. What do you name them?

Alice and Cooper
Ronnie and Jim
John and Patricia
Pete and Amelia
Elizabeth and Andy
Candice and Kayden
Adam and Eve
Wendy and Alf

Your best friend is in an argument, where they are wrong, yet continue to argue with someone who is right. They ask you to back them up with lies. Do you...

Support them and lie on their
Tell the truth, and disagree
with your friend
Tell them you'd rather not be
Ignore them. Their argument
isn't worth your energy.
Reason with the two of them

You go on vacation. Where are you most likely to go?

The Bahamas
Your backyard. Vacations are
too expensive
The North Pole

The police knock on your door due to a noise complaint from your neighbors. What do you do?

Jump out the window, you're
too pretty to go to jail
Flush all your cocain down the
Answer the door calmly and let
them explain

Your friends have invited you to go to a party with them. It will involve a live band of your preferred singer, 5 star rated food and all the beer you could drink. Do you...

Go to the party. I wanna mean
my favorite band!
You had me at food
What's a hangover?
Too many people, let's stay

When listening to music do you

Sing out loud
Mouth the words silently
Whisper scream the lyrics until
your throat hurts
Put on a show, who cares
who's watching!

Your favorite animal?


Your significant other wants to have some fun, but you're not in the mood. What do you do?

Submit. It would be selfish of
you to deny them
Jump right in. Cheeky bum
seks is fun
Tell them no. You don't want
to. Maybe another night
"can we watch Netflix?"
Monopoly anyone?

You have to do a test, but you haven't slept all night. What do you do?

Go to school anyways, in the
hopes you can pass the test on
the minimal amount of sleep.
Don't go to school. Just
another day to sleep and study
Go to school but fall asleep
during the test
Go to school, but copy off the
person next to you