Are you a loyal friend? (5 Questions) (For Girls)

La la la do it for Harambe and this stupid description thing is stupid lalala.

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The most popular kid asks you to their party but doesn't invite your bestie. What do you do?

Go on a movie night instead. If you both can't go, nobody goes.
It depends. It is usually 50/50
What? It's no contest. Goin' to the party, of course!

Your friend's boyfriend asks you out on a date. What do you do?

Politely say no and ask if he is your friend's boyfriend.
Say yes and date him!
Punch him in the face and say no, then tell your friend.

Your friend bleeds through her white shorts on an unexpected period day. What do you do?

Don't do anything. Its her fault for wearing white!
Give her your extra gym pants and a pad.
Give her a pad.

Your friend forgets her lunch. What do you do?

Give her half your sandwich and some of your chips. And give her money for water.
Nothing. She should stop forgetting so much!
Give her a few chips, I guess.

Your bestie gets slapped in the arm by a bully. What do you do?

Ask the bully to stop.
Punch the bully right back then tell your favorite teacher.
Do nothing and laugh a little bit behind her back.