Are you Insane? (no offence to INSANITY) lol

Are you Insane? (no offence to INSANITY) lol

Are you insane? If unsure take this test to find out! But beware of random ass questions.

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Do you like cats..Or do You prefer kitten memes.

I wear cats.
I think I used a fake dead cat before...But no I like the memes
I love KITTYS!
ask the other guy

Are you Emo? Is your hair?

I dyed it really dark and looked emo before.
Have you met ME?
No.... At least I don't think so

Are you clinically insane

Whats that?
Im Artistic!

Do you know who AC/DC is?

Can I parody them?
Do they look crazy?

This Test thingy, or what ever it is, is over. Your Thoughts?

YES! I can Leave now!
Oh my god Im so sad now! I was having fun.
Im gonna wear this!
Aw..I was having fun.

I think your not crazy. what do your friends say?

What are these "Friends" you speak of?
Hell yeah they think Im CRAZY!
A little? my GIF's make me look crazier than I am
Have you lost your mind?

Im Kidding!

F*** You.
Funny! ha
Wow Did not see that coming

Are you A #Klefan fan OR a #Shoey fan.

Shoey...I think Who is in Shoey?
#Shoey for ever! I love SHANE and JOEY
Who the Fudge are these things?
#Klefan because of the evilness :)
Shoey is the Best thang Ever!

Do you like Chicken?

Heck yeah! Gimme my Chickenanya!
Can I wear it?
I think so...
Really? What are you Twelve?!