How kind are you quiz?

This quiz will half-accurately tell you if you are kind or a little mean! Please don't get mad if it says something you weren't hoping for!!

published on August 21, 20208 responses 0
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If your friend drops their ice cream on the dirt, how would you help them?

I would give them mine and buy myself another one. Then we would laugh about it!
I would ask them what kind they want and go buy it for them.
I would laugh and say 'oh well! Accidents happen!' and buy you another one - and buy myself another one, too!
I would cry with you. I would then give you money to buy yourself whatever one you want!
I would tell your care-giver to buy you another one. Then I'd pay them back!

If I showed up at your house after I got beat up, what would you do?

I would let you come in, give you some tea, and ask you what happened. Then we would go tell them to 'Choke on a muffin.'
I would make you call your mom and tell her what happened so she could call the police. Then we'd bake some chocolate cake and give it to the police for helping you.
I would tell the police that the school bully hurt you, then I'd buy you a new phone/computer!!
I would tell you that everything will be okay and tell your care-giver(s) what had happened.

If you felt sick and your care-giver(s) are over-reacting, how would you react?

I would tell them that BOTH of my legs are hurting, now!! HEHEHEHEHE!
*rolls eyes*
What does THAT mean???!!!
I would KINDLY tell them to stop over-reacting, and fake being okay.
I might die of frustration!!!!! But over-reacting is normal!
So, parents do that.

If one of your friends got shot, What would you tell them? ( not that any of your friends WILL get shot, It's just a question!)

That Everything is going to be okay and that they are safe.
That getting shot is unfortunate, and I will stay there with them EVERY DAY if I have to.

When a friend cries, how do you react?

I just rub their back and say kind words.
I try to make them laugh..and if that doesn't work, I need new jokes!!!