Would you survive a day with slender?

Well, would you survive? Find out here.(same guy who made the murderer poll, BGisducky)

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You have a choice between a knife, a flashlight, and a first aid kit. which do you choose?

A knife
A flashlight
A first aid kit
You take nothing, hoping to be as discreet as possible.

You head into the woods and find some wood, oil, fabric, and flint. What do you do?

Move on, it could be a trap.
Soak the fabric in oil, then roll it around the end of a stick and light it.
You move on, your first aid kit has nothing to light the oil or fabric with.
Camp out here, you need the rest, and there could be food and water.

You then see slender so you...

Run as fast as you can.
Try to stab him.
Try to stab him.(different outcome)
Climb a tree, hoping he will lose interest.

You are being chased, you see a page, you then...

Stop to get it.
Keep going
Take a stab at him
Take a stab at him(different outcome)

Assuming you kept going and lost him, you then...

Commit suicide.
Keep searching.
Keep searching.(different outcome)
Stay put and wait for him to come so you can ambush him.
Stay put and wait for him to come so you can ambush him.(different outcome)

You are cornered by slenderman. So you...

Try to run.
Try to kill him.
Try to hide behind a nearby tree.
Try to run.(different outcome)

Are you afraid of slender?

Ummm, no?
CHICKEN!(me:what the hell?)

Are you in shape.

Yes, Maybe, why, what have you heard?!