Sheep Or Wolf Quiz

Sheep Or Wolf Quiz

This test will identify if you are a free thinker or a slave to society

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Do you Follow any Religions?


Your parents told you to follow their Religion, Did you?

I did, later I denied it

Would you say Religion is Always Right?


There are over 4200 Religions, 320 Million Gods, and you Believe in 1 of them, do you think your Religion is right?

I do Not follow any Religion, I am an Atheist.
I do, My Religion is Right.
I think all Religions are Right, Just with different Perspectives.

Your Classmates / Friends / Parents Tell you to Follow the Bible as its proof and nature of god, what do you do?

I willingly Accept and follow The Bible and Path of God and Religion of my Parents.
I Question what hey have to say, i read the Bible to find out what it truly is before making a Decision.
I've Read the Bible, Its A Horrible Book with Fairy Tails and fiction.

An Officer Tells you to Get on the ground with your hands behind your back, you do not know why he Demands so, What do you do?

I do as the officer says, get down on the ground with my hands behind my back.
I question the Officer and Refuse Without Proper Reason

A Classmate of your tells you "Americans invented Ice Cream!" What do you do?

I act Surprised and say "woah, i didn't know that, thats cool" And Nod.
I act confused and Question where He got that Information and Google it Myself to Confirm

You Tell your Parents a Fact you found on an Official Science Website, which Determined that Homosexuality is Natural, You tell them this find, They Get angry at you and call you an Idiot, they tell you that Homosexuality is a sin. what do you do?

I apologize and Agree with them, Science can't always be right.
I stand by what i said and Give Logical Arguments to my Statement, Even if they don't agree with me.

You got to a Music Store, what do you buy?

The top 10 Songs on the List
The Most Popular Music People are Buying
You Listen to Everything, Even none Popular Music, and Buy what you like

A teacher Tells you "Einstein was Religions" What do you do?

Thats the Teacher, of course he must be Right.
I Question the Teacher and google what said.

You go to buy Clothes, what do you do?

Buy the Most Stylish Clothes voted by Celebrities
Buy the most Popular Clothes on the Market
Buy The clothes you Feel comfortable in and Fit you

Everyone Went Outside to Play, but its not your Favorite Sport, In Fact, you hate the sport. What do you do?

I stay In Class and Enjoy whatever i was doing (Reading, Music, Relax)
I go Outside, I don't want to be an Outcast.
I Try to Fit it with Everyone else, Even if i don't Like what they are Doing.

Would you ever Question your beliefs?

Never, i would never Question God or my Parents, My Parents Tell the Truth.
Never, Since Everyone Says it, It must be true.
Always Doubt Everything, and Question Everything Until it Makes Sense.

Which Motto suits you more?

Respect Parents, Pray To God, Study, Work, Get Married.
Question Everything, For i seek the Truth.

I go to Church?

Every Sunday
Every Week
Whenever i Get the Chance
I pray but i don't Go to church.

I Think of Censorship...

The only way to protect people from potentially harmful material
Mandatory, or should be for everything including books newspapers radio, etc.
Terrible, No one should hide Peoples opinions and Truth.
For bad words its a must!
Nothing should be censored.

President Elections.

I do not vote for anyone Unless they Display Truth in their Actions.
I vote for the one everyone else is voting for.
i vote for the one My Parents tell me to vote for.

Should Marijuana (weed) be banned?

Of course! Its a Drug! its bad for People!
No, because it has Health Benefits and No overdose Killed anyone.
Yes! Because People say so.
Marijuana is a Terrible Drug and people Die From It!

What is Abortion to you?

A sin! Never to do it! I am Against it.
Something unfortunate to do but That is the Decision of the Mother.
Abortion is sometimes necessary, due to Health, Financial difficulties and Unwanted Birth.

School / Collage Education?

I want The best Grades No matter what, I want to Memorize what i have to take.
I want to Obtain Knowledge and Intelligence From what i study.

Good Grades or Knowledge?

Good Grades, ill be able to get a good job and make my parents proud.
Knowledge, I want to know everything the world has to offer, Grades mean nothing to me.

Final Question. Whats the Meaning of Life?

The only Meaning is God and to Follow the Bible.
I think what my parents tell me...I don't know.
Respect people, study, get a good job, Get married, have kids...
Scientifically, To pass Down Genes to our Children ...but Now, Whatever I want it to be. Live a Long Lasting Life and do what
makes me happy, Know everything about the world for what it truly is.
Peace and Harmony Without Religion.