A bunch of Charas!

A bunch of Charas!

Some Charas from different AUs are gathering in a strange warehouse. They invited you! Even if you don't want to go, your BEST FRIEND forces you to go. Which Chara are YOU most like? We'll find out!

published on April 19, 201711 responses 1

Your best friend invited you to a party! What do you say?

NO! I will kill them for suggesting this!
Sure. I don't have anything else to do. Might as well make some friends.
OMG YAS!!! I would never miss the chance to make friends!

Despite your answer, you were forced to go. When you get there, there are only three people there. Which one do you go to?

The one with the knife. All I need is a partner right now. LETS KILL THEM ALL! =)
The one in the green jacket. She looks like she had some good silence skills. :\
The one who's trying to talk with people! She seems friendly!
What is this? Why am I here?

Lets say you went over to the person with the knife. What would you say?

Let's kill EVERYONE =)
If you kill anyone, I might look in to killing YOU. DON'T TRY ME.
Hello! You look pretty scary... Can you... not do that? Please? Don't kill my friends... Please...

What would you say to the green jacket person?

*Kills her*
Hey. Sup?
Wanna be friends? I love friends!!! XD
................. :T

Or the talkative one?

So annoying. I'll just posses her.
me: wait WHAT!?
Hey kid. Stop moving your mouth for a moment. You seem alright!
fesd fvzdfh bbbgfnnnnnnnngbfxgb xg

Ok. So one of them asks you a question.
UT Chara: Wanna kill them all? Cuz I could use a second hand.

=) i have been waiting.
DIRTY BROTHER KILLER! *eye glows. you fight her*
N-no! I want to make friends!
screw life

SS Chara: Do you think even the worst person can change?

NO! =)
me: stop making that face. YOU'RE WEIRD
It depends on what they did. If they killed Rie... I will kill THEM.
YES! Everyone can be friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!

US Chara: Wanna be friends?

*eye roll* *posseses*
Sure kid. Just don't get on my bad side.

when it comes time to leave the party, how do you leave?

cut a hole through a wall.
Accedently crash into the door while waving to friends.