What Wolf Would You Be?

What Wolf Would You Be?

Hiya, Wolf Friends! Discover what wolf lurks inside of you! Give it a try! First quiz so bare with me!

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How would you mark your territory?

Every where!
Eh. Not important
Doesn't really bother me
Hate when people evade my space! EVERYWHERE
Small territory
Isn't really a big deal
Other wolves STAY away

What color is your fur?

Light brown with a little grey
Red and white
Grey, white, brown
Light brown

Would you hunt on your own or in a pack?

Sometimes on my own sometimes with a pack
Pack. Gotta be strong. Struggle for the next meal.
Alone just live in packs
Alone with smaller animals
Go out hunting together but hunt for own food
Packs. Keeping everything balanced
Pack. Have to take down large animals

What predators are after you?

Just with other packs
Farmers and ranchers even though it is illegal
Villagers for food
Any kinds of humans
Already endangered so most people don't like me
Farmers and ranchers are enjoying my low numbers
Bad rumors caused people to hate me

Would you be an endangered species?

Half and half I guess there is only 3,000 left in the wild
Not really endangered
I am in dire need of protection only 550 adult left
Endangered. Need help
Critically endangered
Not endangered
Got the best chances over every one

What temperatures do you like?

Normal climate nothing too hot or too cold
Freezing cold
Sunny, warm
Desert like hot
Cold but enjoy different climates
Hot, humid climate
Different areas but warm mostly

Which behavior would you have?

Protective, loyal
Aggressive, territorial
Alone, calm
Quiet, hunter
Social, territorial
Territorial, independent
Intelligent, anger

Which wolf do you want?

Red Wolf
Indian Wolf
Gray Wolf
Eastern Wolf
Himalayan Wolf
Ethiopian Wolf
Arctic Wolf