Which Star Monster are you? (Fictional)

Which Star Monster are you? (Fictional)

I've created 6 different and amazing star monsters, each roams in its own place in the cosmos, going through and plotting different things. Which one of them are YOU?

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As you pass by the smallest planet in the universe, you notice a young child catching a glimpse of you, as he's making a wish by the sight of you, thinking it is a fallen star. He wishes that his father's heart would heal and that he won't die. What do you do?

The needs of the many outshine the needs of the few, I must press forward.
You descend to the child, as he believes what he's now witnessing is an angel descending from the
heavens towards him. You ask him where his father is, and upon arrival, not only do you heal the
father, but you provide him with extra strength, durability and better reflexes than ever.
You grant the child an aura of luck, then drift away, thinking what would happen with him and his
You float towards the planet and into the child, showing him a glimpse of the future, how his father
will be healed eventually, and will live many years after these events.
You descend towards the planet and teach its doctors how to create a cure for this rare and terrible
heart disease. The father will be healed in a matter of days.
This is a matter of fate, I should not intervene, but I will give the child this... You shine brightly,
catching the child's eyes as you can see that hope, wonderment and awe fill his heart.

As you travel through space, you notice a rare, space dragon dying. It speaks to you and tell you that if you help it, you'll meet a terrible fate, but if you won't it will die.

"I apologise, my dear friend, but I've decided to put you out of your misery. Your death shall be quick and painless"
"Fate is what I deal with every moment, and if I need to face my fate in order to save a dying creature, I shall face it with
"My friend, let us both relish in this moment. I will die with you, and accompany you to the gates of the afterlife, as your new
"I've been existing for an immeasurable amount of time. I long to face a fate that has the ability to challenge me. I will let
you die, kind one"
"If my fate would be terrible by saving you then I must let you die, for my fate will determine the fate of the universe"
"I will help you, dear one, as I am confident in my abilities to solve any problem I may face"

At the brink of war between two of a galaxy's largest empires, the two call for your final council, what will you say to their leaders?

"Noble leaders, destruction and peace are both an important aspect of nature, but one must never
act from her emotions. Only go to war if it is the last way to help your people, otherwise, I'm highly
against it"
"I care not for the business of mortals, but know that if war crimes are committed, the ones
committing them shall pay with their very lives"
"No, I cannot allow the two of you to battle. I will now offer you a choice: Live in conflict, and be
obliterated by me, or live together in harmony, and I'll give you two my eternal blessing"
"i've seen many wars in my time, this one is no different, driven from ego and political reasons. I
will only tell you that the survivors of this war will pay a hefty price, regardless of its the losing or
the winning side, so tread carefully, mortals"
"I am not one which meddles with the affairs of mortals, but I will promise you that I will give my
blessings to the souls that pass on, and that they all shall be redeemed in the final day of
"Let the more intelligent side be the victor. I will offer two strategies to each side, one will cause its
demise, the other, sure victory. The one who will know which is the triumphing strategy will surely
win, but the one who doesn't will pay for its lack of knowledge"

As you fly through space, you notice a planet that's about to explode, what do you do?

You muster all your will power, in order to conjure a protective shell around the planet, causing it
to exist for another thousand years. After the thousand years are passed, you come back to remove
the shell, causing its destruction.
You feel bad for the souls living on that planet, you go there, in the midst of the chaos, and offer
your aid to a few lucky beings of your choosing. Those who agreed lived happily afterwards.
You go to the surface of the planet and give all creatures there a sense of peace, so they die
without panic or sadness.
You go to the surface of the planet, in order to witness the chaos and destruction. You remain there
until the very end, when the planet is nothing but a few floating rocks.
As you fly passed it with light speed, you give your good regards to the souls who are about to
perish, hoping their annihilation wasn't with too great suffering.
You quickly fly to the smartest creature on that planet and inform her of a way that she could save
the planet, should she be willing to do it.

You gaze upon Ritara, a planet of advanced reptiles, as their guardian satellite catches a glimpse of you and initiates warning sequences to its home planet. You:

Float to the satellite and reverse its warning sequence with a touch of few buttons, then leaving like
you were never there.
You fly past the satellite with light speed, leaving it unintentionally incinerated to ash, apologising
for what you've done in your mind, claiming you'll redeem your action when the time comes.
You drift inside the satellite and remove all contact it has with the Ritaraians. But you do not settle
there, you make the know about of the satellite completely gone, as if it never existed, to the entire
race of that planet.
You go towards the satellite and attempt to communicate with the Ritaraians. They are unable to
decipher your voice and language, yet your voice manages to make some of them extremely happy,
but it also drives some to insanity.
You utterly ignore the satellite and fly on, continuing with your mission
Part of you wants to go to the satellite and study it, in order to know better about its home planet
and its inhabitants, however the other side tells you to pulverise the satellite, so you drift on
instead and do nothing.

As you relax in the farthest, coldest and uninhabitable planet, Virtox, you discover a new species of rodents that managed to survive the harsh environment. You

You touch the little creature with your finger, providing it with immense strength and durability.
As you notice the little creature, your life begins to drain out of you and in a final act of heroism,
you send your life energy to the core of the planet, which would end up being the most luscious
and hospitable planet in the universe.
You notice the creature is actually a leech type of being, which feeds off the planet's living force in
order to thrive, thus you make it your mission to destroy every last one of them, beginning with
this one. Which takes you about four minutes.
Your mercy gets the better of you and you pet the little thing. As you pet it you can see its feeling
in awe by the mere power of your presence and petting, which strengthens you.
You study the little thing, coming to all conclusions about what it will evolve into and how it will do
it. You decide it's best for the planet and its future of you wipe off this species from existence, and
in about three seconds, in it in fact done...
You go into the little creature, learning and admiring its cool physique, but sadly its body can't
contain you, although you suppress your powers as much as you can, and it dies.

You encounter a massive spaceships armada that's floating to battle, what do you do?

You want to let them be, but the size and firepower of the armada excites you, causing your rage to
erupt and you form a powerful mega beam that obliterates the entire armada in the split of a
You weigh the odds and cons of letting such an army go to on its way, and in the end decide its
cause is just and you'll let them live this day.
The size and firepower of the armada shock you. Why would such a gigantic army needed? You
decide it is best to destroy half of it, for the better good. You start singing, and as you sing, the
soldiers inside half of the spaceships fall down and die.
Intrigued, you float unseen past the ships and inside them, studying the ships and the soldiers, and
what goes through each of their brains. You float along with them until they reach their destination,
as you witness the battle with curiosity, until the victor is decided.
You unintentionally obliterate the entire armada, due to the sheer force of the speed of your flight,
apologising for what you've done in the process, and claim that you'll redeem them when the time
You float towards the commanding ship, as the soldiers burst with chaos and surprise. What is such
an awesome being doing here? The commander lets you enter, as you tell her the correct tactics
required to win the war. You then leave them to their fate.

You notice two rich merchants argue from their spaceships, in the free market district of the Rolymaw galaxy. One claims the other is a cheap scum, the other claims that the first sold bad goods. What do you do?

"I offer you two a choice, you have ten seconds to choose whether or not you're happy with the
deal, if you can't decide, I will take both the money and the goods"
"A deal is a deal. Once a deal is struck it can't be undone. Honour your words and go on your way"
(either they listen or they'll know they'll be in big trouble)
There is only one solution. You disintegrate the money and the goods, then leave without a trace.
"The goods sold were in fact of high quality, but the merchant referred to as "cheap scum" actually
broke them in secret and then claimed they were bad. You kill that merchant and give the seller
both the goods and the money.
As you approach the two in light speed, you do your best to divert from a collision course. You
manage to let them survive, but the delicate goods burn to a crisp by your hot aura, leaving the
tides unfair.
You curse the goods and the money, making them both equal in value and equally bad,
unknowingly to the merchants. They'll find out soon enough.

An elite group of assassins has come to claim a bounty that's on your head. what do you do? (you know they're no match for you)

"Yes, yes, come closer so I can take the life out of your fragile bodies, mortals!" and once its done,
you feel immense regret...
You telepathically show them the scenario that would happen if they chose to engage you.
"No, no..! How can such evil be within you? I must save you from it!!" and as you attempt to suck
the evil intentions from them, half of them die, the other half run away with fear.
"Hmm, they're very good, it's nearly impossible for mortals to keep up with me", then you increase
your flying speed ten folds and disappear in the distance, as they lose all trace of you.
"Evil beings, you will not be forgiven, say your last words..." And right as they engage, you conjure
a dark sword that obliterates them all to nothing.
"You did well to find me, but now I must be gone again. Goodbye, mortals, we shall never meet
again", as you disappear into the void, leaving them with a great sense of depression and sadness.