Which Hunter of the Unnatural are You?

Are you Nick or Trubel from Grimm, or are you Sam, or Dean from Supernatural? Find out here!

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You're about to enter into a long, and arduous self journey. What do you do?

I'd rather not burden anyone around me, so I'll just go it alone.
I'm better on my own; someone else will just get in the way of what I need to do.
I'll have plenty of support, but I sure as hell would prefer a different option.
I'll try to do it by myself, but I'll probably end up getting help from the closest person to me.

Someone just insulted you! What do you do?

Remark back with a devestating insult to make them feel ridiculous for even trying
I'll get them back later on
I clench my jaw, and keep all my opinion to myself so I don't cause more of a problem
I'd rather not follow their attempt to sway me

Someone insulted your best friend behind their back, what do you do?

I'll have to let them know that's not ok, and I'll do that with a good ol' sock on the jaw
That dick, I'll give 'em a piece of my mind
I'll just put them in their place verbally
I'll look at them disapprovingly, and wait till I hear something worth my time

What's you're weapon of choice?

An axe gets the job done
I prefer my knife
My mind seems to be pretty effective, if you ask me
Sawed off shotgun

Favorite food as listed below

Pie's good any tme
Give me bacon, and I'll be yours
Salads work well
Chinese take out

When's the best time to ask for help?

At the last minute
I don't know, I'm not in the habit
Before the crisis can get too bad
Anytime you need it

Do you believe in second chances?

Yeah, of course
Depends on who's asking
Everyone deserves a few chances
Circumstances are a huge factor

Roleplaying time:

You and your friend are walking down a street at night, when someone attacks you. You:

Round house kick their ass into a wall
Join the fight, even if your friend told you to stay back
Take the most hits so the other person can get away unscathed
Try to fight as a team, breaking the offender's bones together

You feel like someone is underestimating your abilities. To prove them wrong, you...

Pick an unnecessary fight with someone to prove you're as good as you say
Let them believe what they want; they'll see soon enough that they're wrong
Fight them; they wanna underestimate you, they'll have to learn the hard way
Best to let them think what they want and not waste your time on trying to prove yourself

You and your friend are invited to a suspicious party. You...

Show up at the party, with the essentials and stay focused
You know what you're there for, but you allow some flirting. Where's the harm in that?
You go and try to enjoy yourself, making mental notes about suspicious activities
You go and feel out of your element, trying too hard to mix in and stay focused