Are You Team Lance or Keith? Quiz

Are You Team Lance or Keith? Quiz

This is a Voltron Legendary Defenders quiz. Take this quiz and see if you are Team Lance or Team Keith!

published on January 29, 201720 responses 2 5.0★ / 5

What is your favorite color?

Blue! It's the color of water and being cool! ;)
Red! It's the color of flame and fury!

Do you like to socialize?

I am open to it, but I like to be alone, so don't catch me on my bad days!
Always! I love talking to people!

What activities do you enjoy?

I like to try to get the hottest person on the ship to date me! I also like to daydream about them! <3
I would be alone, training, I HAVE to be prepared Zarkon!

What is your weapon?

A sword and shield.
A cool gun-like thing my bayard gave me!

Describe your personality.

Cool, attractive, awesome, smart, the best!
Serious, loner, focused, hard-working, calm, temperamental.

Did you have fun taking this test? :)

If I say yes can I go train some more?
TOTALLY! Good work!!!