Who are you if you joined Fairy Tail? (for girls only)

Who are you if you joined Fairy Tail? (for girls only)

You have just joined the guild Fairy Tail and you need to make an impression. This quiz tells you who you are and what you do.

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Okay this quiz is basically rp

No way argh!
Yeah love it!

First you walk into the guild, what do you do?

Hey um.. my name is _ _ _ I would like to join the guild
Hello! Lets get this party started!
Hi, I'm here to join the best guild in the world

You are invited to join a team, which one do you choose?

One where I will progress on my magic
One where I will be with somebody brainy
A team that is strong and is close to Laxus

You have been challenged to a duel with Natsu, what are you like on the battle field?

Very strong despite shyness
Using my brains is key, no one will know
I am balanced so I won't worry about anything

Lucy is crying what do you do?

Ask her what's wrong
Just leave her alone, it obvious she is sad
Make a joke, so she cheers up

First job, you get attacked what do you do?

Dodge and attack them, everyone is amazed
Transform and hide behind everyone, pretending to do something
Attack them, everyone doesn't notice you so you make a joke

After the battle you are hurt, do you tell everyone?

Just ignore it, it will go away
Start crying about it and be dramatic
Make a joke about how silly it was to hurt yourself