Where do you rest on the Political Spectrum? (1)

Where do you rest on the Political Spectrum? (1)

Find out what political party you identify best with based on the 10 most talked about political keypoints.

published on December 22, 201513 responses 0
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What should we do about immigration? (Which do you agree with the most)

Close our borders until terrorism is calmed down, deport illegal immigrants, and/or build a wall.
Fine companies for hiring illegal immigrants, deport illegal immigrants we put in custody, and forbid sanctuary
Make it harder to immigrate illegally, but don't deport the ones in our borders.
Grant citizenship to them, and treat them like citizens.

What should we do about abortion?

Make it illegal in all cases, shut down planned parenthood, and treat it as murder.
Make it illegal unless rape or incest, shut down planned parenthood, and treat it as murder.
Keep it legal, but shut down planned parenthood for breaking laws.
Keep it legal in all cases, keep planned parenthood open.

How do you think we should regulate the economy?

Don't interfere, let supply and demand control the economy as it worked so well before.
Interfere but keep it minimal, let government and business work together.
Government should play a larger role in business.
Government should control business as much as possible, business is for profit, government is for helping.

What should we do about terrorism?

Close borders, declare war, and destroy them.
Enhance screening process, better define our stance against terrorism, and prepare to defend our homeland.
Use diplomacy not strength to solve our issues.
Terrorism is not as important as other issues like the environment.

What should we do about the environment?

Nothing, China isn't doing anything why should we.
Do as much as possible, while not jeopardizing our economy or government.
Regulate, the environment is more important than business.
Impose more regulations, and laws, it should be one of our top concerns.

What do you think about Government Aid?

Government should not use tax payer money to fund lack of effort.
Government should interfere and help get going, but not make them reliant.
Government should interfere as its job is to protect the people.
Government should be providing aid for every American who needs it.

Which tax plan would benefit society the most?

Sharply Lower taxes, making business increase, boosting job growth and profits.
Lower taxes, making people spend more, and businesses hire more.
Leave or raise taxes slightly, we should be surviving as a whole.
Increase taxes way more, corporations make too much money that be used to help society.

How should we conduct our military?

Strengthen it, peace is achieved through strength.
Make sure it is strong enough to protect us and the globe, but don't overspend money that could be used for other issues.
Decrease the amount, we spend too much on our military, and it leads to militaristic strife.
Decrease dramatically, we spend way too much, and it is bad for foreign relations.

How much power should be in the government?

As little as possible, the constitution only gives a little and it should be that way.
As little as possible, giving power where the people feel is needed but remembering and following the constitution where possible.
Power leads to success, government needs more power than the constitution grants it to achieve its goals.
Increase the power, socialist models work for a reason.

Lastly, what do you think about education?

Decrease government intrusion of families to educate children, provide school but decrease funding.
Education is important, but public school is not the only way to educate.
Education is the framework of a society and spending should be increased to raise society as a whole.
Education is the single most important factor to a good global economy, funding should be raised, scholarships should be given and/or college payed for by government.