what is your hunger games weapon? (1)

What is your hunger games weapon? Bow and arrow, spear, sword, knives, ect. Find out here! Please don't forget to rate

published on July 23, 201438 responses 12
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You see a tribute walking through the arena. What do you do?

You kill from a distance. You don't wanna risk it.
Throw something. So you can retreve it and stab to finish the job
Run in and swing away. The bloodyer the kill, the sooner you get sponsors
Stab, stab, stab, and oh yea...stab!

You get a sponsor. What do you hope it contains?

Healing cream for your cuts in battle
More arrows
Armor so you can be untouchable in battle
Back up weapon in case I lose my spear

In one word how would you describe yourself


It is your turn to represent your speacil skill for the game makers. What do you choose as your skill?

Hand to hand combat
Throwing something to show your strength
Setting up dumbys and sliceing off there heads as fast as you can

You have an allie and there are 4 other tributes left. What do you do?

Let them walkaway and turn on them and slit there throught
Seperate and hope someone gets them first
Stay allies to the end and then fight it out
Kill yourself so they can win