What breed of cat are you? (3)

This quiz will determine what breed of cat you are. The questions may not relate to cats, but it reveals who you are.

published on July 11, 20177 responses 3

If you were a wild cat, what type of the world would you enjoy living in?

I think I'd be content in my home
Wherever family or friends are
Maybe a meadow
The forest, with lots of trees
The beach, or around a body of water

Pick a song now!

Rolling in the Deep by Adele
Attention by Charlie Puth
Pity Party by Melanie Martinez
Forest Fires by Lauren Aquilina
Little Do You Know by Alex and Sierra

RP. You wake up in an enclosed, dark space. Your first thought is-

I need to get back to my family!
Must. Escape. Too. Enclosed.
Where am I?
*screams* Wait- what just touched me?
Well, let's think logically. How could I've got here?

Lights turn on, and there is five doors with a symbol on each one. Which door do you go through?

The one with a raindrop on it
The one with a jewel on it
The one with a moon on it
The one with a leaf on it
The one with a heart on it

This is the last RP for now. When you open the door, what animal is in the door's room?

An otter
A bat
A raccoon
A dog

Pick a book series

Hunger Games, HP, or PJ
Warriors! (YESSS)
Wings of Fire

Choose your favorite out of these sweets

Chocolate brownie tort with chocolate mousse and ganache
Foreign candy
Ice cream

On a lazy summer day, what would you most likely do?

Go swim somewhere
Stay at home chilling
Go play outside
Go do something fun
Shop with friends or go to Starbucks XD

Choose a Disney world park

Hollywood Studios
Magic Kingdom
Animal Kingdom
Pandora! (even though its in AK)

Choose a type of slime

Unicorn/glitter slime

More RP! Your crush walks up to you and asks to talk. What do you do?

Calmly accept and talk with him
Say, "No." for any reason
Sure. *explodes inside with happiness*
Yay, okay. What about?
Ignore him and sashay away

He tells you that he likes you, but has his heart set on someone different- your best friend! What do you do?

Accept the fact and only be distant friends with him and your bff.
Understand this, and take it out on your bff.
Hate both of them forever. After all, they both deserve it!
Ignore them both- you're better off without a friend, anyways. Plus, you had your eye on someone else too..
Accept this, but still be best friends. All of you!

Choose a breed of cat (this will not determine who you are!)

Savannah cat
American bobtail
Norwegian Forest

Last 1! Choose a color!

Orange or Red

Did you like this test? Goodbai!

Mmhm. Byebye
Yes! Goodbai!! :)
meh :P and bai
Yeah, bye :L
Yes, thank you so much for making it! I loved this quiz very much and I hope I get a good cat breed! Or one that suits me the best! This quiz fun and you should make more like this! Anyway, goodbye! You are so nice :D

OKAY. Sorry, actual last one! Which one do you hope you get? This may or may not determine what cat you get!

Maine coon!
I don't really care... :L