are you crazy enough to take this quiz?

If you are crazy don't take this quiz!If U R SUPER CRAZY OR CRAZY NUTS! Meh,just take it,it won't hurt you anyways...

published on September 21, 201435 responses 7 5.0★ / 5

Do u like tekken 6?

No,Who is crazy enough to do that?
Not Much..
Yes Yes Let me kill armor king!

You have a crush or BF or GF?Tell me names..

Yes,Brandon Roberts
No..I'm Lonley..I have nobody...
Of course i have a crush on Casandra...
Y U Ask? (me:No Reason...)
I can't it's a secret,but i know u wanna know right? (me:Yes,i have to)
R U Crazy?

The End is near!

I don't mind.i hate my life anyway..
Your kidding me,right?
Oh My Groshhsss

what's around the riverbend?

Gold,maybe silver or Indians
A River...
Y shuud i no

Flat questions,Who R U?

I'm just a little girl lost in Wonderland
Oh I'm Jonathan
my name is mavis
hey,i'm roi
whats up i'm alex
i'm leo,from tekken
i'm azusa