Life of Creepypastas & me

Hello everyone! This is basically an rp, you have to pick choices, etc.. so let's see if you can survive, game on!

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Life of Creepypastas & me
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(In this rp your name will be Khloe, sorry if you hate it),(You have red hair and your eyes are blue like the ocean, you are wearing a hoodie and black leggings) You felt tired from working and stuff, so you decided you would go to sleep. Someone mysterious guy came in your house, he carried you to his forest. You were tied up. You opened your eyes and saw Slenderman in front of you.
What's your reaction?

You/Khloe; Omg, Slendy! I'm such a fan!! But uhm, why am I tied up..? What the hell is going on!? You struggled to untie yourself.
Slenderman; *POV* Ugh fangirls these days. We're waiting for someone
You/Khole; What someone-?
You/Khloe; What the f*ck?! Where then hell am I!? UNTIE ME RIGHT NOW!
Slenderman: Quit being agressive, we're waiting for someone.
You/Khloe; What someone!-

That's where I came in.
Me/Jackie; Heyo! Truly sorry for this random stupid stuff, tie-ing you etc. hehe-
Anyways my name is Jackie~yumikaa Chan or Jackie-Chan! But you can call me Jackie -<-
You/Khloe; I really don't care what your name is! And what am I doing here not at my home?? *POV* You start to this a dream?..
I look at you and smile.
Jackie/Me: Your really pretty!

You/Khloe; Umm thanks I guess...
you look around to carefully observe the forest
You/Khloe; Is this Slenderman's forest?
Me/Jackie; You got it! *POV* Now you just realized?- ;-;
You/Jackie: I already know I'm pretty, now can you tell me what are we doing here!!
Me/Jackie: Sheesh, and Oh yeah sorry about that!

Me/Jackie; Okay so I brought you here to meet the creepypastas and for a sleepover!! (✿◕‿◕✿)
You/Khloe; The creepypastas? Seriously?! Um, wow, I would really love a sleepover with you and them!
Me/Jackie; Great! It really wasn't an option anyways! But les gooo!!
I untie you and you fix your hair. I smile.
After 40 minutes of walking, you collapsed.
Slenderman; Um wow we have a weak girl over here.
Me/Jackie: You pick her up!
After 20 minutes more you woke up being found on a couch, you look around..
Me/Jackie: Great, your awake! Now let's start the introduction!
Masky: Uh hello, I'm Masky and I love cheesecake UwU
Jeff:Heyo, I'm Jeff
After several introductions later, you got bored
You/Khloe:; U-uhm hello, I'm Khloe.. you said tiredly
Jeff: Oop- We really bored her ;-;
Sally: I know what we should play!
Jane: What?
Sally: Truth or dare!
They all agree, and so do you.
Jeff: So truth or dare Khloe?


(If you picked Truth if you didn't, skip the scenario)
Jeff; Ugh okay, is true that you like someone in this room?

(----< Skip Scenario >-----)

(If you picked dare)
Jeff; I dare you to kiss someone you like.

You/Khloe; Okay.. you stood up and kissed Jeff directly.
Jeff stared at you, then kissed you back.
Me/Jackie; Get a room!
You/Khloe; K, you stood up and kissed Masky
Masky kissed you back quickly
You blush and sat back down.

Me/Jackie; Okay truth or dare Toby!
Toby: Dare I guess
Me/Jackie: Mhm okay, hehe lick jeffs foot
Toby: Ew no!
Me/Jackie; Do it, or else you have to slice my thumb off >︿<
Toby: Ugh fine, just because I don't want you hurt .-.
Toby licks Jeff's toe, and you continuously laugh.
Toby: It's not funny!

You/Khloe; Mhm sure it's not
You laugh.
You/Khloe; Whateverrr

Me/Jackie: Mmmm... I'm so tired, I think we should go to sleep now
You/Khloe: Yeah, it's getting late
You check the time,
You/Khloe; It's already 12 AM already!
Me/Jackie: Well we like to stay up late-, anyways who do you wanna sleep with (Nothinh nastyy)

Sally: Yay! We'll braid eachothers hair!!
Jeff: Cool, I guess we could play with knives
Toby: Alrighty!
Masky: Oo we'll sneak and eat cheesecake UwU

Alright, That was it for Part 1! (P.S I made this in school and my shoulder aches lmfao)
Keep in tune for Part 2!

Alright, Bye!