What Beauty and the beast character are you?

What Beauty and the beast character are you?

Find out which character are you. And learn a little bit about your personality.

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When your friend is in trouble and the only way to help him, is to change your life completely. Would you go through it?

Yes, I would without thinking twice about it.
I don't know! I would have to think about it before making my decision.
No. I will not risk my life for anyone.

Do you give second chances?

Yes, especially if the person is very dear to me.
Not right away. But if the person explains to me why and the reason is convincing, i would.
No I wouldn't. A bad decision was made and they should pay for it.

Your perfect first date would be?

On a roof top.
In a restaurant.
In a caffee.
At my boyfriends/girlfriends house.

You hurt a friend, you?

feel guilty and try to make up for that.
Make up an excuse then apologize.
Won't apologize but still feel a bit guilty.

Someone hurt your friend, you?

Find them and kick their butts.
Find them and warn them never to show their faces again.
Try to be their for him/her. Ease the pain. Try to make them forget.

You find out something very serious about your friend that he/she don't know about it. Would you tell them?

I would try to find the right moment to tell him/her.
I would tell him/her right away.
I would prefer for him/her to find out himself.

Are you in love?

Yes, I'm in love with an amazing girl.
Yes, I'm in live with a hot boy.
I am not in love with anyone.
Yes, but afraid to show it.

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?

Yes, i have a boyfriend.
Yes, I have a girlfriend.
I had one, but it didn't work out.
No, I don't have one.

What would you prefer to be in a movie/TV show?

A hero.
A hero who everyone thinks is a villain.
Someone's best friend.
A partner in crime.
A hero who unknowingly works for villains.
Someone's sibling/ Recurring role.

Your favorite character is?