Which Eeveelution are you? (4)

Which Eeveelution are you? (4)

Everyone loves Eevees, they're pretty much the Mary-sues of Pokemon. With so many different types of Eeveelutions, there come a multitude of different personalities as well. Which Eevee fits you the best?

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You have to do a painting for art class. You can paint anything that you want. What would you most likely paint?

Your pet, or some other animal.
A portrait of a family member or relative.
Your favorite mythical creature.
A landscape, like a sunset or a mountain range.

You've gotten a week off of school/work! What do you want to do with all this free time?

I'm fine with just staying home. There's no need to go anywhere.
I'd like to take a trip to the beach, perhaps.
A hiking trip would be great. I like to be out in nature... alone.
A place with lots of cool attractions and rides!

What's your favorite genre of movie to watch?

I like romance and romantic comedies.
Just plain comedies are fine with me.
I like documentaries or movies based on true stories.
I like horror the best, to be honest.
Thrillers and action movies are the bomb dot com.

What annoys or irritates you the most?

Rude people! I can't deal, man.
Loud or annoying noises!
Hypocrisy! It's so annoying I swear to-
Cliques. I rlly don't like 'em.

There are two presents sitting on the counter. One present is made up of two small boxes while the other present is made up of one large box. They're both equally heavy. You can only pick one present. Which one do you pick?

The two small boxes!
The one large box!

You're at the mall, but you only have time to go to one last place before it closes. Where will you go?

I'll check out the bookstore and see if they have the novel I've been wanting!
Video game store! I've been dying for a new game.
Clothing store, maybe. I want to see if the have any shirts or merch that suit my interests.
Make a mad dash for the food court!

Would you rather...

Have a pair of wings?
Be able to transform into a bird?

If you had a weapon, what would you want?

Something medieval, like a sword or mace!
Something futuristic, like a portal/lazer gun!
Can I just have a shield or something?
I'll throw books! They hurt!
...all i need are my fistsssssssssssss

Do you think of yourself as...

A wreck

Out of all of these animals, you would rather have...

A dog?
A cat?
A bird (duh)?
A reptile?
Something exotic?