Which role will you play in my group of friends? GIRLS ONLY!

No need to sound disappointed if you do not get the role you wanted. I hate descriptions! Please take this quiz. Like it, pls! And tell others about this!

published on September 10, 20187 responses 0

Which role do you WANT to play the most?

Co-Leader (pretty much the same with a leader)

Are you rich?

Of course, super rich! But I'm not snobbish
Duh! I'm rich. I hate those poor people! They make me sick. GO TO HELL!
I'm rich, but I don't really care...
Yep, totally. I'm a little teeny tiny bitty snobbish, but it's fine. I'm a kind person

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Shopping with my friends
I also shop, but when my BFF doesn't, I don't
Uh, I'm gonna show those stupid nerds that I love designer clothes!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm fine. I like to shop, but it's fine if they don't like me.

This quiz is so short! Do you like Mean Girls?

Sort of?
Love IT!
I don't like it. Just be nicer and cooler!

Who is your fav singer/actress?

Taylor Swift

Did you hate this quiz?

No, it was fine, hon!
Hated it.