What style of Harajuku fits you?

What style of Harajuku fits you?

One of many districts in Japan, Harajuku is a popular hang-out for teens who are into Street Fashion or Gothic Lolita style clothing, otherwise named after the district.

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In your spare time, what would you be doing?

Dressing yourself up
Creative activities (art, writing, reading, crafting, etc)
Going out
Resting or Relaxing (bathing, sleeping, etc)

What music intrigues you?

Pop (KPOP, JPOP, EUROPOP, American Pop, other subgenres)
Rock/Metal (JROCK, Heavy Metal, Death Metal, Hard Rock, Punk Rock, other subgenres)
Alternative (Soft Rock, Grunge, Lofi hip-hop, other subgenres)
Rap/Hip-hop (West Coast, Dirty South, Gangsta Rap, other subgenres)
EDM/ENM (Electronic Funk, Electronic Swing, Dubstep, Dance, other subgenres)
Oldie's (20's, 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, the early 00's)
Classical (Moviescores, Concerto, Ballet, etc)

If you could have a birthday cake of any design and shape for free, what would you get?

A plain cake, with plain flavoring.
A complex cake, with gourmet frostings and fillings
A sculpted cake, of fictional or nonfictional reference
A many-tier cake, fancied with light decor

Where would you like to live?

My own city/country
An isolate area (Russia, middle-America, Africa)
An urban area (East or West Coast America, Europe, Eastern Asia)
Suburban (small towns, normal lifestyle)
In an upper-class area (Hollywood, Miami, San Diego, Dubai, etc)

You arrive at the mall, but for some reason are not permitted to enter Hot Topic. Which store is your alternative?

Forever 21

What are your favorite types of colors?

Darks (navy blue, burgundy, etc) and/or Cools (blue, purple, green)
Lights (sky blue, pink) and/or Warms (red, orange, yellow)
Pastels of every color
Grey-tones or blacks of every color

If you were bored on the web, what would you most likely do?

Bored Button
Mature Contents (18+)
Online Gaming (MMORPG, RPG, CO-OP, etc)
Creative activities (Working on characters, drawing, writing etc)

Which celebrity's style intrigues you the most?

Lady Gaga
Ozzy Osbourne
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

What do you feel your mental age is?


How would you describe yourself?

Expressive, loud-mouthed, empathetic
Unexpressive, manipulative, quiet
Unexpressive, loud-mouthed, remorseless
Expressive, self-conscious, loud