What's your warrior cats personality?

Find out your warrior cats personality. This is probably bad compared to some other quizzes but I tried so please don't attack me. Use this to make an ocs personality idk

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As a kit, you meet another kit called Featherkit. She wants to make friends with you. "Hey, can we be best friends?" She asks, an adorably pure expression on her face.
What will you say?

"Sure! I'd love to
be best friends!
Can we play
"I wouldn't like
that..." Wait until
she looks shocked
"...I'd love it,
"Fine, but I'm more
important, ok? We
need to
concentrate on me
right now."
"Nah, that sounds
like hard work."
"Alright. I can't
wait until we are
apprentices. You
have to promise to
make me deputy if
you become
"Wow, you sure are
lucky I don't have
anyone else to play

Featherkit knocks you over.
"Oops! I'm so sorry-"

Flamekit steps on your tail. "Mouse-brains!"
Flamekit and Rockkit won't stop bullying you. What will you do?

Nothing. It isn't
that bad.
Try to make friends
with them. It could
really help to stop
Make the obvious
joke now, think
later. I can't help it,
it's hilarious and
they'll probably like
I'll do anything
reasonable to make
them stop.
Whine about it.
Someone will have
to do it for me.
How dare they?!
Shout at them.

You're an apprentice at last! What will you do during your first training session?

Work hard.
Beg to train with
Do nothing.
Make lots of jokes!
Whine about how
hard it is.
Say "Why am I
made to train? I'm

You have a massive crush on Leafpaw. He's so handsome... How do you tell Featherpaw?

Psst... I like-like
Leafpaw. How do I
tell him?"
Make a joke that
includes my real
love for Leafpaw
like a secret code
"Leafpaw is the
luckiest cat ever
because I love
"I'm determined to
be mates with
Leafpaw someday...
Maybe it's just a
crush. It will pass
in time."
"Featherpaw, I
don't really need
you anymore. I like
"I love Leafpaw."

Featherpaw looks disappointed. She blurts out "but I love you...."

You realise you like her back. How do you accept.

"Ok, I love you to."
"Let's make it
"Great because I
think I love you to!
You're just so
"I'm sorry....
Because I love you
to! Ahahaha!"
"Oh fine, why do I
do this to myself?"
"Of course you do.
I guess I'll try

Your feelings for Featherflight have abruptly disappeared. How do you break up with her?

"Bye we're over."
"I'm to good for
you. Goodbye."
"Oh my god! You
never stop
bothering me! I
don't love you!"
"I'm sorry. There's
no joke this time.
I'm sorry. I can't do
this anymore."
"I want us to still
be friends,
"A relationship is a
two way thing and
it isn't working out
for me. Sorry. I
really am."

You are deputy!

Huh... So much
I will keep working
until I'm leader.
Oh my god! I have
a deputy joke I can
Of course I am.
Make sure
everyone knows
I'm in charge, ok
Is everyone happy?

Featherflight has attacked you! She won't get her claws off you... She... She's going to kill you!

Do nothing. It's all
over now.
Remind her of our
Is this a bad time
to make a joke
about rejection
How dare she! I
can't die!
Umm Featherflight
loves me she
wouldn't do that
Fight back!

You're going to die. Any last words?

"Featherflight... I
thought we were
Make a really bad
No, this can't be it.... I'll fight to the end!
"I don't know what's worse... Being killed or being killed by YOU"
"That's. Not. Fair."

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