Which Sanders Side are you?

Which Sanders Side are you?

So, now that I've returned I figured I'd make a quiz about a fandom I've gotten into recently. For this quiz we'll be seeing which of the Sanders Sides we are!

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Let's start simple! What's your favorite shade/color?

Ruby Red
Corn Yellow
Jade Green
Sky Blue
Royal Blue
Eggplant Purple
Jet Black

What would you say is the best trait to have in a friend?

I would want a friend who'd be my partner in crime. Loyalty is the most important trait.
I need someone who I can always open up to, no matter what. Compassion is the best trait.
In order to be my friend you have to prove to me that you won't betray me. Honesty is number one.
I want a friend who won't rely on me for everything; someone who's independant. Resilience is the most important.
I could never spend time with someone who's cold and cruel. Kindness is by far the most significant.
I need a friend who would never judge me for who I am. Respect is the best, without a doubt.
I want someone who will take ownership for their actions, someone without pride. Responsibility is number one.

Which is the best time of day?

3 - 6 am
7 - 9 am
10 - 11 am
Around noon
2 - 4 pm
5 - 8 pm
Late night

Pick a Holiday!

New Years!
April Fools!
My Birthday!
Fourth of July!

What do you do to pick up your mood when you're feeling depressed?

I listen to music, it's the greatest escape from reality.
I like to paint, sketch, or color. Art is the best stress relief.
I talk to my friends! I need the people who love me to remind me of my worth!
I tell myself that other people have worse problems, and that I'm weak for moping about my own.
I come up with scenarios in my head which tend to make me feel better.
I read. Reading is a great exercise for the brain and it's also calming.
I think about whoever may have caused the mood I am in and plot out how I could get back at them!

Which animal mirrors your personality the most?

A lion. I am fierce, and I tend to be a natural leader.
A blob fish. Why? Because why not?
A snake. I am intuitive and observant.
A bunny. I am timid and sensitive.
A dog. I am loyal and loving.
A peacock. I am colorful and a perfectionist.
A blue jay. I am cunning and misleading.

As a lover, what are/would be some of your best qualities?

At my best, I am patient and trusting.
At my best, I am caring and honest.
At my best, I am sweet and compassionate.
At my best, I am courageous and diligent.
At my best, I am respectful and gentle.
At my best, I am calm and humerous.

What would you look for in a lover?

Attractiveness in both personality and physical features.
The ability to provide for me and my needs.
Someone who is open-minded and genuinely kind.
Patience rather than Recklessness, and the ability to keep at my pace.
Someone who doesn't mind a little fun.
I'm not sure. I guess whatever traits of whoever I fall in love with?

Who's your favorite side?


Which side do you personally think matches your personality?

Logan! He's logical and technical.
Patton! He's bubbly and emotional.
Virgil! He's an introvertive, worry-wart.
Roman! He's innovative and artistic.
Remus! He's strange but fun.
Deceit! He's persuasive and reserved.
Well, this is why I'm taking the quiz in the first place? Right?