Are you Naughty or Nice ?

I was thinking to make this quiz on Christmas Eve but I was bored so I decided to do it early and have fun and happy holidays!

published on December 05, 201537 responses 21
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Do you help ?

No cause I don't care!!!!
Of course!!!! I love helping!!!!

Are you kind this year ?

Yes!!!! I'm very kind this year!!!!
A bit kind....or half kind

Do you believe in Santa Clause ?

Yes!!!! I like him cause he gives me great presents each year!!!!
No!!!! It's my parents giving me presents and Santa Clause is fiction!!!!
I say no but I actually do so I don't get picked on!!!!

Would you rather give or receive ?

Give cause I can't always think for me!!!!
Receive!!!! I'm greedy!!!!

Do you play tricks ?

Yes!!!! I love to play tricks!!!!
No!!!! That's naughty !!!!
Sometimes....but not often

What if you get coal how would you react ?

Kill Santa Claus Intill' he gets me presents!!!!
It's fair and I'll behave better....
It's not fair!!!!

Merry Christmas!!!!

Merry Christmas to you too!!!! Maybye I'll send you a gift in the mail!!!!
Merry Christmas....turd!!!!
Merry Christmas....