what kind of pizza are you?

Whether you dont know what pizza is the best or if its just for fun here you go

published on January 13, 201713 responses 0
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Thin crust or puff

Thin crust duh what else is there
Puff wait is that normal(yes)

Do you order lots at once?

No way to much for me
Yes lets invite EVERYONE
Im not sure
As much as I can EAT

Do you often go out to get piza?

Nooo way delivery for me
Ummm I will go pick it up
I dont know

Do you know any of these pizza places?

Pizza hut
Pizza capers

Do you love pizza?

50/50 I dont really care
Looooooove pizza

Watching tv?

No I eat on the table with my family
Sure but not on my clean couch
Only sit on the couch if it doesn't make a mess
I dont care where you sit but im watching tv