What animal are you? (Wild animal)

What animal are you? (Wild animal)

We all have a wild and free animal inside us. What's yours? Find out here!

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When faced with a problem, do you...

Avoid confrontation?
Face the problem head-on?
Try to lie your way out of it?
Charge the problem and get defensive?
Accept responsibility>
Tell the truth?

Could you/would you hunt to kill an animal if it meant food and useful items?

Yes, in a heartbeat
No, I couldn't.
I'm too small to.
For food, yes.
No, I'd forage
No, I'd scavenge.

You enjoy?

A good run, being free
A nice hunt
A walk through the forest
A climb!
Flying, being up in the air
Resting in a cool, quiet place
A hearty meal.

Are you a vegetarian?

I eat plants, but enjoy meat.
Very much so
Uh-uh. No.
Yeah, I am.
I can be, if I want.

What animal do you think you are? Last question.

A wolf.
A bear.
A squirrel.
A rabbit.
An eagle.
A raccoon.
A deer