Your Kingdom Hearts Lover GIRLS ONLY! (Part 1)

Your Kingdom Hearts Lover GIRLS ONLY! (Part 1)

This is a story on you and your kingdom hearts lover, and yours and his story. This will be a wonderful story not only in the questions, but also in the results. ATTENTION: This will be continuious, so be on the look out for he next part, and please don't write your story in the comments unless your acually going to die without it!

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First off, who do you want? (Freeby)

First off, who do you want? (Freeby)
Sora, the hero
Roxas, the light
Axel, The hotty
Riku, the dark and mysterious
Demyx, the cute/funny one

Choose an element

Choose an element
Keyblade (It is an element, look at the picture)

What would you do if you saw a total stranger hurt on the ground, crying?

What would you do if you saw a total stranger hurt on the ground, crying?
Ask what's wrong and try to help him/her out as best as I can.
I want to help that person, but I can't, I have something I need to do.
pat him/her on her back and say it will be alright.
walk by that person like I don't see him/her because I'm looking for something/someone.
I'd sit down and have a talk with him/her, and try to make her feel better as best I could.

What personality id most like yours? (Out of these)

Cheerful, curious, willing to do something new, blurt something out without thinking, headstrong overly confident,
justice, and always putting someone else's needs before my own.
Um, I'm a little shy, and, I like to hangout usually only with my friends, unless I have a mission to do something.
I'm one of the fired up kind of people if you know what mean. You know, a good fiery temper.
I'm a little dark and mysterious, but when I find out that a close friend is in trouble, I save them even at the cost of
my life.
I'm usually bubbly and I like to make myself and other people laugh, although, I can be kind of an idiot.

Say a random saying from below.

You have to smile.
Find you way to the light.
Got it memorized?
The door is open!
Dance water dance!