Your Pixie Life (Girls only sorry)

Your Pixie Life (Girls only sorry)

Ever wondered what it's be like to be a pixie? Have you ever wanted to find out what it'd be like? If so take this quiz for your story. (9 outcomes sorry for not many questions. comment and give me new ideas for the next one)

published on August 08, 201544 responses 13 4.4★ / 5

What are you?

Alone not by choice
Alone by choice
you socialise but studies and duty comes first
I'm quite know, I help people out
Very popular
your quiet, don't really need anyone
you have a group of close friends
You have friends but you wouldn't bet you life on them
You have a best friend and that's all you need

If you were a pixie what power would you like?

Nothing too showy, don't want anyone finding out
Strength, you can summon weapons
Speed and flight, you'd love to fly
Sight to see good and evil
Plants, nature, flowers

What sounds better to you?

A beautiful penthouse over looking a city filled with beautiful lights and a twilight park nearby
Wondering the world with the one you love, helping those in need. Seeing wonders like the Eiffel tower, the statue of liberty and the great barrier reef.
In a world filled with love, no good and no evil. Plus a fire breathing dragon to add the cherry on top
A small fairy tale cottage in a enchanted forest with a kind hearted boy
a castle made from enchanted trees with fireflies surrounded by moonlit skies, toadstools and streams.
A meadow filled with vibrant flowers, clear skies with your true love
If you could you would live in a lantern shaped house, quirky and unique that when the light shines through a rainbow is painted everywhere. Just downstairs from the boy you love
Sleeping under the stars, caves filled with glow worms and crystals, treehouses in enchanted forest all with your true love
Freedom, absolute freedom.

What saying do you most agree with?

When two friends argue it's best not to pick a side nor get in the middle of it. Reason with them and be harsh if necessary.
fight those against you, not with you. Even if there not your kind nor kin. A enemy turned friend has the biggest bond
sometimes you have to give up what you love the most for the person you love the most. It's well worth it because you'll soon find that the person will mean even more to you afterwards
Life is more worth it when you spend it living and helping others. To see a loved you succeed is just as good as succeeding yourself.
Even evil has good in it. Even evil can love. Then again what is evil and what is good.
Love comes in many forms. It's eternal and everlasting. Love completes all and changes everything.
Love attracts opposites. Light attracts dark, blue attracts red, honey attracts bee. It brings two halves of a whole together.
There's good, evil and both when it comes to love. People will do anything to keep the ones they love
Love appears in weird ways. It can catch you at any moment. When it comes you should seize it with open arms and never let it go.

Which flower do you like?

White rose
A purple iris
A red rose
rosy red poppies
blue bells
snow drops