What Divergent Faction Would You Be In?

What Divergent Faction Would You Be In?

What Divergent faction would you be in if you lived in the Divergent world?

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You're at the beach. What would you rather do?

Stay in the shade and read.
Hang out with friends and play.
Surf and swim out to dangerous waters to explore caves.
I don't like the beach, so I wouldn't be there in the first place.
I don't like the beach, but I didn't say anything. I just came to help people carry all the stuff, then I'll just sit down and watch
the sea.

When you're shopping, a young boy knocks into someone else shopping and they drop everything. The boy runs off, and you...

Stop, help the person pick up their things, and offer to pay for the things that were broken. You think you know that boy,
so you might ask him for the money later.
Tell management so they know what happened.
Just walk past. It wasn't you, so don't do anything.
Don't do anything. To be honest, who cares?
Help them pick up the things then leave.

Your friend runs into a burning house to get her pet kitten. You...

Stop her, and run in instead. You don't want your friend to die, and you could probably see the cat before her.
Go in with her. You'll find the kitten quicker with two people looking.
Find a way to get the cat to come out. Maybe shake the box of treats or something.
Stop her, tell her that she's stupid for thinking of running into a burning building, and that you're sure the cat will come out
by itself.
You don't know what to do. You don't want to run in, but she'll run in anyway if you tell her to stop.

When your friend is moving house, you...

Offer to help them pack their boxes away.
Recommend a good moving company.

What do you honestly think you'll get? Not what you want, what you think.

I don't know. I know what I want, but that wasn't the question.

After you've gone swimming, you find a vending machine. The door has been open, though, and everyone's taking all the crisps and drinks without paying. You...

Take something as well. If they get something free, so should you.
Don't do anything. They won't listen to you anyway.
Walk by saying loudly how stupid it is, and there's a security camera right above their heads. After all, there is.
Talk a few drinks and crisps to give to the homeless people in your street. They need it more than you, and it wouldn't be
fair for you to take anything anyway for yourself.

Where would you rather go?

Why bother with either? I hate both.

On a cold day you walk by a homeless, elderly man who is shivering. You...

Walk by. There's nothing I can do. My gloves aren't even that warm.
Stop, give him your gloves, scarf, and coat and ask him if he is alright and if he needs a shelter for the night.
Stop, ask him what happened and why is he there. Oh, and give him your gloves.

When you're helping charity, you would rather...

Attend a fun event where all money raised goes to charity. Might as well have fun, right?
Do anything to help. Knock on people's doors, ask people to sponsor you, donate belongings and money.
Think of a way to earn money quickly without actually having to do anything. Maybe lie to get the money, then give it to
To be honest, I don't honestly want to do anything. I mean, it's bad that people are starving and all that, but a few pounds
won't make really a big difference.
Just do whatever your friends are doing.

At school/work, one of your friends break something. The teacher/boss thinks it was someone else. You...

Tell the teacher/boss that it was your friend. They might be annoyed, but they shouldn't let someone else take the blame.
Lie and tell the teacher/boss it was you to get your friend and the person out of trouble.
Don't do anything. Why cause trouble?
Ask the teacher/boss why they think it was the other person and what proof do they have.
Who cares? Why would you tell on your best friend?