Which downworlder are you?

Which downworlder are you?

Based on the Mortal Instruments so will not include abstract downworlders from the infernal devices.

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What are your dreams for when you're older?

I want to become a leader
I want to become a criminal mastermind
I want to get married and raise a family
I want to climb the job ladder and have a
successful career

What is your favourite colour?


Are you looking for a relationship?

I'm already in one!
Yes! I want one now!
I would like one but I'm not in a rush for
Not right now...
No! No way!

Who would you rather date?

Magnus Bane / Tessa Grey
Simon Lewis / Camille
Luke/ Mia
Meliorn / Seelie Queen
Alec Lightwood / Isabelle Lightwood
Sebastian Morgenstern/ Lilith
No one!

What is your weapon of choice?

Your bare hands
Stele and Seraph blade
Fangs/ Canines

What's your favourite quote?

All the stories are true.
That is to love is to destroyed and that to be
the one loved is to be the one destroyed.
Shadowhunters look better in black than the
widows of our enemies.
Move it along teenagers, there's only one
person that can canoodle in my bedroom
and that's magnificent me.
I hope you told him you were bitten by a gay
There's nothing wrong with being different.
If I can not move heaven, I will raise hell.

Who do you prefer?