Surviving a Scary Movies #1

Plot: you and your friends go to a party and things go terribly wrong. Hey, welcome to Surviving Scary Movies #1 Go through this quiz/story till the very end. Your results will tell you more about you.

published on July 19, 201435 responses 10
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Its Saturday. The last Saturday before school starts up again. Suddenly your best friend calls you up.
" Hey (y/n). There is a party tonight... wanna go?"
"Sure.... I would love to" you reply.
After the conversation you get ready.
(What do you go for?)

Band merch, Skinny jeans, plugs. The usual.
Abricombrie, arizona, forever 21 etc. The
I Get dolled up. Its a party. Why wouldn't I?

Later on you and your friend arrive at the party. You want to have fun but your a little nervous upon hearing that everyone there is upperclassmen. You walk in to be greeted by the aroma of drugs and alcohol...
(How do you react?)

YOLO it. If its the last Saturday of summer I might as well.
Eh... I might try it out. That doesn't mean ill get addicted.
Stay far and clear. Its not my thing.

You are having a blast. Your dancing and having fun when the DJ asks for request. You jump up and ask for...
(What would you choose?)

A Prophecy by Asking Alexandria
Anything by Skrillex.(not song tittle lol )
Some R&B
Some generic pop song

Soon you realize you have parted ways with your friend (f/n).
You began looking for (f/n) by...
(What do you do?)

Go look around for her.
go outside and call her.
Ask around.

You still haven't found (f/n) than you run into Aaron.
"Hey (y/n) was sap" he says looking you up and down. You smile at his greeting. Then you ask about (f/n).
" oh, (f/n)... no I haven't seen em. Hey by the way... stay inside... its bad to go out this late."
He than fades in the crowed.

(How do you take his comment?)

Shrug it off. He's just messing with me again.
Take it into some consideration.
Okay. Looks like I'm chilling here tonight.

You go to the bathroom to deal with you urgencies to be greeted by a foul smell coming from the shower. You open the certain to find (f/n) laying in the tub.
You shake them hoping to wake them up. You notice your friends skin is cold as ice and you tern them over. You are now staring your dead friend in the eyes you...
(What do you do?)

Take a deep breath... try to stay calm.
try to get revenge.

You are now out of the bathroom. You rush through the crowed panicking. What am I going to do? If you call the police you could go to jail as well.
You find Aaron and tell him what you discovered. He agrees to help.
You both lock all the windows... but not the doors for safety reasons. Then you guard each entrance.
(What entrance do you take?)

Front door.
Back door.

Soon you hear a blood freezing scream. Running in the direction of that scream you find a couple covered in blood and a girl looking at this scene in horror. Aaron arrives. You both reveal that you had just arrived. Something doesn't feel right about his story... you...
(What do you do?)

Call out his lie.
Take his word.
Claim to trust him... but secretly disregard his statement.

More and more bodies wind up. And you have a feeling you next....
There are three suspects... Aaron, The Host, and maybe a victim...
(Who do you think it is?)

The Host of the party. Where is he in all this?
The smartest Villain always pretends to be a victim.

You prepare for you show down with?

Carving knife.
Shot gun
Bare hands.

You have ran face to face with villain. What will you do?

Check first. Just to make sure suspicion is true.
You hesitate.

It hurt knowing you best friend was the killer... you and aaron have... to a fault have saved the day. The police arrive and you tell them this story.
They take your word and Aaron takes you home.

Awww. I killed my best friend... :(
Wait... my best friend?
Called It!!!