Which lord of the rings character are you (1)

Which lord of the rings character are you (1)

Well everyone can't be the Legolas , find out are you a Elf , Wizard or Hobbit or even the baddie .

published on July 11, 201434 responses 22
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What's your choice for a dream weapon ?

The good old bow and arrow
No one can defeat magic
Why fear when you can rule the world with obedient minions

What's your idea for an ideal dinner ?

Food and lots of wine
Something organic , green tea included
A light dinner with a pint of vodka
Meat and more meat

What is your choicest color .

Something sober
Black or other dark colors

There's a fire in the forest what's your reaction ?

Where's the petrol
I am busy with my own work
Protect the people
Extinguish the fire

What's your take on parties ?

They are kickass
It's okay till the time it doesn't get on your head
They look so stupid
You can live without them

Your best friend died . What's your instant reaction ?

Cry and cry all day
Feel sympathy but hide it
Show my sympathy
I don't have any such friend

You are offered the ring .

Take it for myself
Give it back
Give it a little thought then take it
Hesitate at first but do as commanded