How much does he like you?

How many girls are currently sitting there wondering if a guy you know is really into you or if he just want to be friends? Well it's time to find out!

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Do you guys ever hang out around school?

Yes; he's in a few of my classes and we sit together a lot. Sometimes he'll walk me to classes, even
when he's going the opposite way. We occasionally sit together at lunch. Even when we don't have
classes together he'll find a way to see me.
Yeah; sometimes we'll sit near each other in class and make jokes. He walks with me if we're going
to the same place. Sometimes we'll sit together at lunch with our friends. If he sees me he'll smile or
say "hi"
Sometimes he'll sit in my general area in class and we sometimes talk about the work or other
classes. We sometimes walk together if we're going the same place, but sometimes we don't.
He always sits with his other friends in class, he never really talks to me unless we have to work

Has he introduced you to any of his friends or family members?

Yes! I know all of his friends and some of his more immediate family.
He's introduced me to most of his closest friends, but not his family.
He's introduced me to a few of his friends, but he hasn't gone out of the way to get me to meet
He's only introduced me to a friend of his if they happened to be right there.

How do his friends treat you?

They're really nice, sometimes they invite me to hang out with them or to go to parties they're all
attending. We're pretty close.
They're pretty nice. We hang around at school sometimes, they make jokes or playfully poke fun of
me. We have a good time.
I see his friends around school sometimes, they say "hi" or make polite conversation.
His friends don't really talk to me unless he's there, and even then not that much.

Have you ever hung out outside of school?

Yeah, sometimes we'll walk to the coffee shop or something. He's convinced me to join a
club/activity with him. If I run into to him unexpectedly he'll say "hi" and start a conversation.
Sometimes I'll see him around. We've hung out together in friend groups or to study. If I run into him
somewhere he'll smile and talk a little.
I've run into him once or twice, but never planned. He makes polite conversation.
I've never really seen him around before, and we've never planned anything. He doesn't really say
anything to me even if I do see him.

Have you ever caught him looking at you for no real reason?

Yes, pretty often. When he sees I've noticed he usually smiles.
Yeah, sometimes. When I notice he usually looks away or acts embarrassed.
Sometimes he stares in my direction. But he sits behind me or he looks zoned out, so it could mean
Not really, maybe once.

Does he ever try to touch you?

Yes; sometimes he'll grab my hand or put his arm around me, he's hugged me before.
Sometimes he'll high-five me or something like that.
Not really, but he doesn't react negatively if we "accidentally" bump into each other.
No, he tends to avoid having to touch me.

Is he ever unnecessarily helpful?

Yes, sometimes he'll carry my books or hold the door for me. He helps me get my locker open or
gives me answers when I don't understand the work.
He's helped me with homework before, sometimes he'll hold the door if I'm right there.
Sometimes he'll help me with the work if he's good at the topic.
Not really, he's not un-helpful, but he doesn't try to help me.

How often do you talk?

Several times a day, sometimes for a long time.
Sometimes every day, sometimes every other day. If we have a really long conversation it might be a
few days before we talk again.
Two or three times a week on average.
About once a week.

When you talk, what do you talk about?

Anything and everything! Hopes, dreams, past relationship problems, friends, family, common
Mostly new music or video games, weird you tube videos or funny photos, sometimes school stuff or
plans for the weekends. Sometimes really random stuff that turns into a long conversation.
Current events or weird stuff that happened at school, polite small talk.
Mostly he complains about school

Has he given you any reason to believe that he likes another girl?

No, not at all, he only seems interested in me
He has a few friends who are girls, but I have no reason to believe that they're anything more than
Sometimes he's mentions girls he's friends with, or he'll talk about an ex or a "former" crush.
He talks about other girls a lot, he's casually mentioned he might like someone else before.

Does he ever try and make you laugh?

YES! All the time!
Yeah, pretty often. He likes to make me laugh.
Sometimes, he doesn't really try that hard.
Not really

Does he have a good memory for things you said or did together?

Yes! He said he remembered meeting me like years ago, I didn't even remember that!
Yeah, he'll remember little things I mentioned I liked. He'll remember weird things we did and they'll
become inside jokes.
Sometimes he'll remember things I said, but not consistently.
No, he forgets most of what I say to him.

You both get to class a few minutes early by pure coincidence, no one else is in the room (not even the teacher). He...

Stands right next to you and continues the conversation you were having in the hallway until
everyone else shows up and class starts.
He stands near you and makes casual conversation until class starts.
He makes polite small talk, but he goes back to his seat when people start showing up.
He sits down and starts pulling out the homework, without talking to you.

You get paired together to work on a science project, he...

immediately invites you over to his house to work. You try to work on the project but end up just
talking and watching TV
invites you over his house. You work on the project for a while, then play some video games.
suggests that you meet at the library, you talk for a while but you mostly just work on the project.
gives you an e-mail address and divides up the work so you don't have to get together.

Does he become involved in your interests that we're already common interests?

Yes, he must be doing research or something, he know's everything about the things I enjoy.
Sometimes he'll even join clubs with me.
Sometimes if I mention an interest he'll ask me about it, or just listen to me talk about it.
He tends to avoid talking about interests that we don't share
We share almost no interests, and he hates talking about interests we don't share. So our
conversations are hard.

Does he ever compliment you?

Yes, pretty often. Sometimes he'll call me pretty or say something I did was cute.
Sometimes he tells me I look good, but usually if he compliments me it's more like he says I'm funny
or nice.
He's said I'm nice or that I'm a "good friend" but not often
No, he never really compliments me.

Do you have pet names or inside jokes?

We have tons of both of those!!!
He has a nickname for me, and we have a bunch of inside jokes.
We have a few inside jokes.
We don't really have either.

On average, how long does it take him to respond to your texts?

Almost instantly no matter what, if he wasn't the one to text me first!
A few minutes, sometimes a little longer if he's busy with something.
Sometimes minutes, sometimes hours, no consistency.
Usually hours, sometimes he doesn't even responds at all.

Does he have any pictures of you together on his social media accounts?

Yes, a bunch. And there are even more on his phone!
Maybe a few, from events we both attended or parties all our friends went to.
Not really, he's tagged me in a few pictures when I was there when the picture was taken, but I'm not
in the picture.
No, I don't even think he follows me.

Do you honestly think he likes you?

Yeah, I'm pretty sure.
I think so, but I'm not totally sure.
I have no idea.
I don't think so, but I want him to.