How childish are you?

This quiz will determine if you act like an adult, or you you act like a three year old.

published on January 28, 201736 responses 3 4.5★ / 5

Do you like to goof around?

YES! You should never be serious!
Only when I am not working.
Never, there are so many important things I could be doing other than goofing around!

How old are you?


Do you like to talk to people?

Yes! There is almost never a point in time when I won't be talking to people!
When it's okay to. I might be too busy to talk.
Nope, I am wayyy to focused to talk.

What shows do you like?

Cartoons! (Ex. SpongeBob)
I like to keep a balance between the two. (Ex. Voltron Legendary Defenders and The Walking Dead)
A movie is okay, but I prefer to read.

What activities do you like?

I like to play with dolls, and stuffies!
I like phones, computers, ect, but I also love to play with toys ever once in a while!
Reading, working, relaxing.

Did you enjoy the test? :)

Yes! I am gonna go play with my dolls and make them take the same quiz!
I liked it, but I could be doing something else.
It's good, but I prefer to read.

If you could describe yourself, how would you do it? Don't worry, no more questions after this!

Goofy, odd, fun.
Serious, kind, fun.
Loner, hard-working, boring, strict