What Will Your Job Be? (3)

Take this quiz to see where you will work when you get your part or full time job:)

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Do you like people?


You have to write an essay for your English class. Extra credit for essays more than five pages. What do you write about and how long is it?

Your life, 15 pages
A funny time, 5 pages
A famous person, 7 pages
A famous painting, song, or play. 5 pages
I don't do it because my dog just died, 0 pages
I argue with the teacher about doing the essay.
I just write what comes to mind, 5 pages

Do you like children?


You walk outside and see two kids, yelling, crying, and screaming at each other. There are no other adults around but you might be late to school if you go help them. What do you do and why?

Keep walking to
school. It is waaay
more important.
Talk to them
quickly because
school is important
but kids are too.
Talk to them loudly and tell them they need to work it out, then hurry to school.
Talk to them for a long time because their feelings are on the line.
Go get your mom to talk to them and then run to school.
Yell at them and tell them to move off your yard.

What trait do you value most in yourself?