Warrior cats personality quiz (1)

Find out what your warrior name is, your clan, and your position in your clan!

published on November 04, 201522 responses 3 3.5★ / 5

Your clan is attacked! what do you do?

Fight to the death! The mangy flea pelts!
Fight with honor! Protect my clan mates!
Hid in the nursery! I'm scared!
Heal my clan mates, fighting is not for me!

Favorite plant/animal?

Brambles, voles
Reeds, minnows
Thorns, pines, panthers
Heather, rabbits

Do you have a mate?

Yes, but I'm a medicine cat, and he/she's from another clan!
Yes, but it's secret, cats will think I'm soft, also I like fighting more...
Yes, and I love him/her!
No, but I have a crush!
No, my clan is more important...
No way! I'm just a kit/apprentice!

What color do you want to be?

Sleek, silver, good for swimming!
Brown, mottled, to blend in with the trees!
Black, dark color, I keep to the shadows...
Thick furred, I need to keep warm from the cold moor winds!

Favorite prey?

Yum! Fish!
Tasty rabbits suit me!
Don't care, frogs, squirrels, whatever. Maybe crowfood if times are hard.
Squirrels and mice sound nice! Or maybe a thrush or sparrow...

Your leader is dyeing, what do you do?

Comfort your kits, they need to be happy...
Sit vigil, poor leader...
We can still save him/her! I'll go get some herbs!
Why?!?!? I can't stand this!
I'd better go comfort my mentor, the leader is her dad.