Would you survive?

Would you survive?

so im sending Kyra (my OC CP) after you X3 can you survive? *evil laugh*

published on June 04, 201476 responses 14 4.2★ / 5

So you are in the house alone when you hear a hissing noise and someone coming up the stairs.

grab something and prepare yourself for a attack
hide under the bed!

kyra slowly opens your door holding a long curved blade

hope she wont see me
hit her over the head with a pillow full of rocks

She finds you and tackles you, pinning you down

kick her off and jump out the window
scream untill she lets go to cover her ears then run outside

She follows you into a forest and you trip and fall

get up and keep runing
throw something at her

she throws her knife at the ground by your feet

jump into a tree
scream 'dont kill me!'

She jumps into another tree and bares her sharp teeth at you

run away really fast