what lalaloopsy girl are you?

what is you're favorite color? this quiz is about the lalaloopsy girls and witch one you are. Are you Storm e Cloud e Jewel or Pix e

published on January 06, 201611 responses 0

if you run for student body president would you want to win?

I need to win!!!!!!!!
nyaa win or lose whatevs!
I would not run!
I would like to win

what is you're favorite color?

is glitter a color?
I like rainbow!

what would you wear to a party

a perfectly perfect dress
who cares what I wear to a stupid party!
angel wings!!

do you like sports

eww so dirty!!!
I love sports!
I hate everything
I love everything!

what is you're favorite food

anything fit for a princess.
something sparkly!!
rainbow popcical!