Which Dork Diaries Character Are You

Which Dork Diaries Character Are You

This little quiz will tell you which Dork Diaries character suits your personality.

published on May 30, 2014131 responses 73 4.3★ / 5
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You see a girl at your school crying with no friends, you

look her in the eye with a sympathetic look and nod to her except keep on walking
go over to her, put a hand on her shoulder and say "it's going to be OK"
you point at her and laugh with your friends until your head explodes (not literally)
think of what your favourite book character would do
go home and ask what her mum would do in her situation
befriend her then turn her against your enemy

You're at a wicked party, what do you do first

Think of a book where your favourite character was at a party and pretend to be them whilst mucking around with
your BBF's
Find anyone who is alone and go dance/chat/befriend them
Watch the party until someone (your friend or crush etc) walks up to you then you go off and have a good time
Find some cute boys/girls to flirt with
Find your friends and muck around with them

Suddenly a boy/girl asks you to dance AWESOME! only problem is, he's the most unpopular boy/girl in the school!

Try and put up with it because you don't want to hurt the poor guy's/girl's feelings
Say "I'm sorry but your face is so ugly it looks like what my dog does in the bushes!" in a sweet and innocent voice
Dance is always fun, no matter who your with. You dance with him/her and enjoy it :D
Say no to a dance but alrighty to a conversation
Say oh I''m really sorry but i'm waiting for someone, maybe later?

What is your school reputation

The shy yet great to hang around with one
The bookworm
The popular one
The self-help guru
The friendly, funny and dorky one

Who do you think you got

Nikki Maxwell
Mackenzie Hollister
Chloe Garcia
Zoe Franklin
Brandon Roberts