Which element are you (1)

Which element are you (1)

I'm making a seires of a new story called elements. This is a all girls quiz by the way.

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A bird falls out a tree you.. ( it's a baby)

A bird falls out a tree you.. ( it's a baby)
Let it stay there it's natures life
Help it
Play and pet it
Get angry at it for it being in the way

someone says you look ugly you..

Feel bad and cry
Not care
Get really mad at em
Pretend you first here them

Your fav color is..

Red or pink
White or black

Your fav sport is...

Spelunking ( a exploring a cave sport)

You have a school dance and you don't have a date you..

Go with your friends
Be a little upset
Not care
Just have fun

If you were a fairy you would be....

Magic fairy
Water fairy
Fun fairy
Feelings fairy ( controls feelings)

If you could have any superpower you would have....

Super speed
Laser eyes

What tv show do you like....

Amazing world of Gumball
Animal channel
Death note
Teen titans go

You have fun by...

Run around
Just sitting around
Walking around randomly

Do you like qfeast

It's okay