Which splintered character sre YOU?

Based on the series "Splintered" (if you have not read it then fluff off, this quiz ain't for you). Are you brooding Morpheus, cute and kind Jeb, or spit fire and dreaming Alyssa?

published on April 22, 20164 responses 0

Fave color?

Fave color?
Neon! (Me: that's not a-...never mind...)
I'm not answering that. Why should I? (Me: ahhahaha, go fluff yourself. -_-)

Fave animal?

Fave animal?
I'm still not answering these dumb questions. Make them harder. (Me: Shut.Up. You. Athena. Child. Know-it-all.)
Moths! (me: not an animal. That's a bug.)
Butterflies *^* (Me: that's not- but- okay...fine.)

Fave activity?

Fave activity?
Making mosaics out of bugs... (Me: Delightful!)
Flying *^*
Reading? IDK why I'm even taking this test. (Me: Just go fluff yourself you word I can't say...)

Do you consider yourself to be mad (crazy)?

Do you consider yourself to be mad (crazy)?
No, what kind of a question is that?
Sometimes maybe...
Does talking to bugs and flowers count as mad if they talk back...?
This depends on the view point. To my dearest friends, o, not in the slightest bit. To everyone else (the normal ones) yes, over the hill.

How was this test? Honesty please (I'm looking at you. Yes you little bug in the corner.).

Eh, pretty good
Waste of valuable me time (Me: [sarcasm] Oh I'm sorry your highness.)
I still don't know why I took this.
Good job I guess