What Kind of Tomato are You?

What Kind of Tomato are You?

With literally thousands of tomatoes to choose from, how could you possibly know which is the best for you to grow? Take our tomato personality quiz and we'll help you narrow it down a bit!

published on February 24, 201525 responses 0
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Your High School reunion is coming up and you didn't receive an invitation. You:

Find out when and where the reunion is and go but end up sitting in your car debating about whether or not you should go inside.
Send out a blast email and get right on social media about how much your old high school sucked.
Oh please. No one would forget to send you an invitation to anything.
FInd out when and where the reunion is and go pretending to be someone else.
Dress up as the high school mascot and picket the event.
Stay at home. There was probably a good reason why you didn't receive the invitation and you don't want to step on any toes.
didn't even know there was a reunion. Who cares?

If you could be any living creature, what would you be?

Honey Badger
Lion...no wait a bear...no...a LIGER!
Gelatinous Cube
Rattle Snake

Your boss wants you to work the weekend but you have made plans with a friend you haven't seen in a long time. You:

Shrug your shoulders and make no promises. If you show up you show up.
Give your boss a creepy "I dare you to ask me to work this weekend" look. They slink back into their office.
Tell your boss that you'll be there but you also tell your friend that plans are still on...you'll work it out somehow.
Sigh inwardly. Work comes before play.
I'm a rodeo clown. I work weekends. My friend can meet me at the rodeo. Good times.
Pout your lips and say "oh pretty pretty please can I have off?" Your boss smiles and gives you the weekend off. How can they stay mad at you?
Make a giant fuss. You throw stuff around and snap at everyone you see. But you come into work.

Your best friend texts you complaining about their significant other you:

Call them on the phone right away. You don't want them to be mad at you too.
Ignore the text.
Text them back complaining about the fact that they are complaining.
Get upset that your friend isn't talking about you. They spend too much time with their significant other.
Text your friend consoling them and also text their SO to see what's going on.
Text them back assessing the entire situation and give strong sound advice.
Texting? What?

You're snowed in after a blizzard and you realize that you're out of bread and milk you:

Dress completely in white and blend into the surroundings. The next person who walks by will never know what hit them.
sit patiently until your adoring fans stack loaves of fresh baked bread and bottles of warm milk at your doorstep.
Start trying to decide what you would make with bread and milk if it magically appeared in your kitchen.
Yell out your front door for HEEEELLLLPPPPP!!!!!!
wait...what? It snowed last night?
Dye your water white and make bread out of old Playdoh.
make fun of all the people who stood in line waiting to buy bread and milk. You always have bread in your freezer and you're lactose intolerant.

Choose a color

bright red
a little of this and a little of that
I can't decide!!!
the colors of a sunset

It's a lazy summer day and you're getting a bit bored. You decide to:

visit a nudist beach wearing full winter garb.
Throw a loud BBQ in your tiny backyard. Kiddie pool and all.
disappear in the woods for a few days. You blend in well there.
watch tv and drink a beer.
lounge by the pool while your admirers serve you tiny grapes from a bowl.
I don't get bored.
Spend the next 3 hours trying to decide what to do and end up just going to the mall because it's air conditioned and you can spend 3 more hours deciding where to shop.

Your car gets a flat tire in the middle of nowhere you:

Sit in your car trying to decide if you should walk to the town you just passed or if you should try to change the tire yourself.
I don't drive.
Start screaming and swearing until the people at the town you passed a mile back hear you and come rescue you.
smile and look sweetly at the first person who drives by and of course they will help you.
keep driving.
Change the tire without so much as a noise but you're fuming inside.
Have the best jack and the nicest spare. In fact, you have several spares! Preparation is key!