Dream visions?

Find out if you have a superpower that allows you to see into the future within your dreams...

published on October 14, 201621 responses 7 4.6★ / 5

Have you ever woke up from a dream feeling strange...

Yes, I always felt strange
Yes, sometime though
No, not really
No, never

Have you ever felt you just experience Deja Vu after you have slept?

Yes, actually
Not really though

Do you hear any sounds while you are asleep?
( strange noises or voices)

I have heard something, however i think it's part of my dreams
I have heard sounds in my dreams... That's cool!
I don't hear much...

Do you feel like you've been in a place or with someone you were not with before?

Yes, I have
Sometimes, maybe not likely?
I don't care

me- then why are you taking this quiz?
No, straight up NO

me- ok...

Why are you taking this quiz?

I wanted to know.
Got bored
WHY am I taking this quiz?
me- you can say nothing, fine by me.

Have you seen or heard anything you have seen in you dreams?
(Any scenarios and sounds/ actions been done in the dreams that actually happened in real life)

I still don't care.

Do you receive any flashbacks when that moments from your dream flashed through your mind, as well as the same experience is happening right at that moment?

Yeah, it's cool and wierd
No, haven't really gotten that
This sucks....
me- that's ok...

what do you think you are going to get?

I don't know...
I do have
I don't have
Still. don't. Care.

Plz leave a comment about what you got! Thanks for taking this!!!