Would you survive babysitting a bratty ?

Would you survive babysitting a bratty ?

Let's say you become a babysitter. And one day you get a call from a busy woman. She says to babysit her 5 year old daughter who is an uncontrollable child and she's a nightmare! Will you survive a day with a little brat ?

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A woman calls you and tells you to babysit her 5 year old...you heard the story in the description. Anyways....

Oh my Gosh.... I don't want to babysit a
brat!!!! Please!!!!

Then the woman leaves and the little girl and she sticks her young out!!!!

Stop that!!!! You're bieng a brat already ????
If you stop I'll give a cookie!!!!
Eh....sticking her tounge out doesn't make me

Then she notices your phone and takes it!!!!

You betta' gimme back my phone missy!!!! 😡
If you gimme my phone I give you cupcake!!!!
Tackle her down and take the phone

You had enough so what would you do ????

Put her in time out
Keep her ouccopied by putting on a kids
movie and pray to God that she stays there
Yell at her and give her big discipline

She's hungry and you give her salad but she wants Doritos instead and makes a mess on the floor and it's in a big pile everywhere!!!!

Yell at her to make her clean it up and if she
doesn't do the disipline
Clean it she's just a kid
Spank her

She says she wants to go outside and she suddenly sprays you with the hose!!!! You're soaking wet!!!!

Tell her to go to her room!!!! I'm sick of
Tell her to go to time out for 15 mins

She now sings the annoying my little pony song!!!! Uggh!!!! Grrr!!!!

Put headphones and put on your favorite song
Tell her to stop
Box her ears

The woman comes back finally!!!! Then she asked you if the girl behaved.

She WaS terrible!!!!
I guess she was fine....